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  • Sikiwani Slum Walk

    From $25 per person

    Sikiwani Slum Walk

    With Sikiwani slum walk you will visit our community school called Excel Education Centre that supports orphans and vulnerable children and is the only primary school in the local area offering free placements.
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    Bwekyali Slum Walk


    From $ 45 per person

    Bwekyali Slum Walk

    During Bwekyali Walk during this walk you will see the tombs of the late queen of Buganda.You will visit the house to former president of Uganda, Idi Amin, where your guide will outline his time in Bwaise and rule of Uganda.
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    Kikwaseganye Slum walk


    From $ 70 per person

    Kikwaseganye Slum walk

    This complete package will give you an opportunity to not only visit Bwaise but other tourist sites located in Kampala like the Bahai Temple, Gadaffi Mosque, King’s Palace, NamirembeCathedral,Owino market, Craft market, Uganda museum and Old tax park.
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    From $30


    Bwaise is home to some of Uganda’s most enriched historical attractions. These include; a famous Nabukalu well which is believed to have been given birth by a person, muganzilwaza
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Throughout your visit there will be opportunities to capture the moment i.e. taking pictures at Excel Primary School, Bwaise Youth Employment centres, market etc.

Please Note: when passing certain sensitive areas, we request that the dignity of residents is always protected. There will be a briefing before we set off to outline what is appropriate.

Please be reserved while taking pictures, both out of respect to the people and for the safety of yourself and your belongings. There will be designated camera-points, so you can definitely capture the beauty Bwaise Including landscape view of Bwaise, Idi Amin’s house and Mugazilwaza Tombs. Please ask your guides permission before taking a picture.

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